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There have been many people involved with the project. Ever since research into ornithopters was begun by James DeLaurier and Jeremy Harris over 20 years ago, it has received overwhelming support from various organizations (see the Sponsors page) and individuals. Below are some pictures of various team members throughout the years. However, these by no means represent all who have been involved with the project.

The 2006 Team
L to R: Michael Lazich, James DeLaurier, Ben Cho, Jack Sanderson (pilot), Jonathan Warkentin , Jennifer Elliot, Jack Humphries, Arnaud Bally, Patrick Zdunich, Derek Bilyk

the 2005 team
L to R: Ben Cho, Udit Agrawal, Patrick Zdunich (behind Udit), Paul Gallivan, James DeLaurier, Todd Reichert, Jonathan Warkentin, Andre Nguyen and Jack Humphries.

the 2002 team
L to R: Marc MacMaster, Jack Sanderson (pilot), Patrick Zdunich (behind Jack), Nicolas Lee, Theresa Robinson, Jim Merritt, Peggy Lin (in front of Mr. Merritt), Bruce Fenton, Mandy Goltsch, Dominic Lacroix, James DeLaurier, John Moores, Matt Naylor (in front of John), Muriel Ayrault.

the 2001 team
L to R: Will Yakymyk, Theresa Robinson, Patrick Zdunich, James DeLaurier, Bruce Fenton, Jim Merrit, Derek Bilyk.

the 1999 team
L to R: Dave Loewen (with "Asia"), Patrick Zdunich, James DeLaurier, Theresa Robinson (holding "Thing", the hangar cat), Bruce Fenton, Muzaffer Ahmed, Helen Tsai, Ashraf Othman, Patricia Jones-Bowman, Rambod Larijani.


the 1998 team
L to R: Rambod Larijani, Lorenzo Auriti, Bruce Fenton, James DeLaurier, Helen Tsai, Patrick Zdunich, Rob Radich, Dave Loewen (with "Asia", the ornidog).


the 1997 team
L to R: Rambod Larijani, Lorenzo Auriti, Bruce Fenton, Dave Loewen, David Stringer, James DeLaurier, Patricia Jones-Bowman, Daphne Schiff.


the 1996 team
Kneeling, L to R: Jerry Harris and James DeLaurier. Standing, L to R: Constantin Tzembelicos, Joeleff Fitzsimmons, Felix Mehler, Dave Loewen, Michael Klassen, Stuart Fowler.


the 1995 team
L to R: Stuart Fowler, Joeleff Fitzsimmons, Constantin Tzembelicos, James DeLaurier, Jerry Harris, Todd Machacek, Maria Burge.

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