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3D Interactive Model

Below is a model of the ornithopter. You can rotate and move the model, and click on various features of the aircraft to move its various parts.

Larger versions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024

Some hints (for Windows users):
Rotate left click and drag mouse
Zoom right click and drag mouse
Move middle click (or both left & right click) and drag mouse
Reset Viewport spacebar
Flap 5 Times click on wings (note twist in wings, which provides thrust to the aircraft)
Open / Close Cockpit click on cockpit cover
Move Rudder Back & Forth click on rudder
Move Stabilizer Up & Down click on stabilator

Note: you must click 'Yes' when the Cycore Cult3D installation dialog box appears in your browser.


Copyright 2006 Project Ornithopter
Original model created by Lee Elliott