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3D Interactive Model

Below is a model of the ornithopter. You can rotate and move the model, and click on various features of the aircraft to move its various parts.

Larger versions: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024

Some hints (for Windows users):
Rotate left click and drag mouse
Zoom right click and drag mouse
Move middle click (or both left & right click) and drag mouse
Reset Viewport spacebar
Flap 5 Times click on wings (note twist in wings, which provides thrust to the aircraft)
Open / Close Cockpit click on cockpit cover
Move Rudder Back & Forth click on rudder
Move Stabilizer Up & Down click on stabilator

Note: you must click 'Yes' when the Cycore Cult3D installation dialog box appears in your browser. If you have trouble viewing the model, you can download the viewer and get more information directly from Cycore.


Copyright 2006 Project Ornithopter
Original model created by Lee Elliott