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Some videos of the quarter-scale and full-scale ornithopters are available below.

July 8, 2006 Flight

July 8 Flight Day. Piloted by Jack Sanderson.

[Low Quality 8.3MB]

[High Quality 13.5MB]

Successful flight of the full-scale ornithopter piloted by Jack Sanderson.
Video stablilized by VirtualDub with Gunnar Thalin's DeShaker plugin. High Quality requires DivX codec for playback.

[Low Quality 1.0MB]
[High Quality 8.2MB]

Another video of the successful flight.  Credit goes to Jim Downy for this video.

[Low Quality 9.4MB]
[High Quality 27.6MB]

The launch of the quarter-scale proof-of-concept model.

MPEG Video:
[Low Quality 10.6MB]
[High Quality 21.6MB]


A taxi trial of the full-scale ornithopter.

MPEG Video:
[Low Quality 10.8MB]
[High Quality 22.2MB]

Educational Flapper Break.

MPEG Video:
[Low Quality 1.5MB]

Full Scale Testing.

MPEG Video:
[Low Quality 9.1MB]


Quarter-scale Testing.

MPEG Video:
[High Quality 34.6MB]





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